Since 1997 LAVA-Dansproduktion has been involved in numerous teaching and performance projects in Sweden and internationally.  We have collaborated with dance artists, actors, physical performers, composers and visual artists. By returning regularly to the countries where we have been invited to bring our work to, we have built relations and collaborations with artists that stretch over many years.
recent projects

Uprooted II

Re-Framing my Body 2: The War Edition

Re-framing my body-II


Lava-Dansproduktion was founded in 1997 by choreographers/ performers Benno Voorham and Sybrig Dokter. The aim of the organisation is to stimulate development of contemporary dance and dance-theatre both in a national and international setting. We are striving to forge relationships between artists and organisations across borders.  Lava-Dansproduktion has collaborated with dance artists, performers and visual artists.

some previous projects

The creation of the project
Дiм/Home, a project in which we worked with teenagers from children homes in Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus and a group of professional dancers. It took place 2012-2013.

The project Tomorrow’s Witnesses took place in Hammerfest, Luleå and Rovaniemi 2018-2019. It occupied itself with the events in the North of Scandinavia during the end of WW2 and more recent events. It links the stories of people that survived the atrocities of WW2 with the stories of refugees today that fled from wars to find a safe place in the Nordic region.

The project Waiting in the Margins addressed the situation of children that live in refugee camps in Georgia and who were forced to leave their homes in South Ossetia together with their families as a result of the ethnic cleansing during and after the Georgian-Russian war in 2008. A series of workshops in the field of dance, physical theatre and visual arts were organised for children from refugee camps, teachers and social/cultural workers. 2015 a performance was created with these children and dancers and actors from Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine and a visual artist from Syria. This performance toured Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.
In Ukraine the project Waiting in the Margins-Archaeological Bodies (UA) an archive of ideas and opinions was created through workshops and interviews with young people and provides an insight in the situation of the country in upheaval and change. It addressed the situation in Ukraine where people perceive their identity as ‘Ukrainian’ and look at people with a Tatar background or from the so called Donetsk republic as ‘other’. A performative installation was created in September 2015.
2015 – 2016 The project Doing Things Together took place in Lviv and Minsk engaging neighbourhoods around Ÿ- gallery in Minsk and Jam Factory Art Gallery in Lviv.